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This Vision Board software tool is a powerful System that enables you to visualize your dreams and keeps you inspired to achieve your goals. Include your own dream images, music or voice recording, empowering affirmations and power words displaying the future you intent to manifest. Then display it on your computer, iPod, on your wall, YouTube etc. Even create a Poster Vision Board! Apply the Law of Attraction and make your dream life come true now!

I came across something very exciting I want to mention to you, as I think you will get a lot of value out of it. OrangePeel Vision Boards has come up with this amazing tool called Vision Board. These guys put together a very powerful system that you can use to create a virtual Vision Board on your computer. You can include your personal pictures, affirmations and power words and select your own background. They have JUST released their latest edition Vision Board.

Apart from all the powerful existing features such as an audio module and a poster creation module, this “next generation” Vision Board includes some very exciting extra modules.

Firstly, it includes a choice of exciting new presentation themes, so you can choose how your Vision Board is being displayed. Also, it features their fantastic new MovieRecorder module, enabling you to create a movie of your Vision Board and play it on your iPod, iPhone, website, digital photo frames etc. I believe these extra features make Vision Board truly the most complete manifestation tool available anywhere.

Your personal Vision Board shows when you click the icon on your screen, and you can also have it come up as your screen saver. So every time you leave your computer to make a phone call or have lunch, you come back to a dynamic showcase of your goals and dreams moving along on your computer screen!

Pretty cool, right? As you know, it is crucial to keep your goals and dreams in front of you, if you want to achieve them. By focusing on them all the time, and really feeling as if you have already achieved them, you are putting The Law of Attraction to work in the most effective way. So this tool truly is a must if you are serious about manifesting your goals.

It is very versatile: you can actually send your own Vision Board to a friend and use it as your wall paper. It even has the option to print out your Vision Board so you can hang it on the wall and take it with you. OrangePeel has added another exciting feature, which shows your affirmations in a little pop up balloon on your screen. This increases the exposure to your affirmations and helps to adjust your beliefs system in a powerful way.

The software comes complete with affirmation, power word and image libraries! So no more excuses really why not to create a Vision Board, as this tool makes it very easy and a lot of fun. Once you have created your Vision Board, you can go back any time and change your Vision Board; it grows with you! Oh, I almost forgot: they now even included a feature for you to record and display your Vision Board movie on resources like your mobile phone, iPod, YouTube, digital photo frames etc. How cool is that??

Vision Board is really cool and it is even endorsed by people like Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield; check it out on their website They also explain about how you can benefit from visualization and how you can make the power of The Law of Attraction work for you. Even just to learn more about that, I highly recommend having a look at their site. And if you are serious about creating abundance and prosperity in your life, get a copy of one of those Vision Boards NOW, so you keep focused and inspired, at the same time you make sure not to miss out on their mind blowing bonus package, including bonuses from Eva Gregory, Ruben Gonzalez, Jim Driscoll, Vic Johnson, Lee Brower and Jim Bunch, to name a few. This bonus package is valued at mover $1000, and is in itself already more than worth the investment! Click here to check it all out!

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  1. Imagine Turning Your Vision Board into a Movie. I also I stole this affirmation for my New Years Affirmation Resolution. “I have 1 million happy customers in 2009″ :) It’s time to start the New Year with a Bang. Peace and Blessings

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