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By now hundreds of thousands of people have seen the movie or read the book called The Secret. It’s opened so many eyes and hearts to the amazing news that there is a Universal Law operating that explains how YOU are the creator of the life you experience. And because you are the creator… you have the power to change your life at any time!

This is, indeed, an awesome revelation. Yet I suspect, probably due to it’s simplicity, so many people seem to be missing the obvious. Or maybe it’s just that so many fail to grasp the understanding that we live in a vibrational Universe… and so, when we hear that the Law of Attraction says, ‘That which is like unto itself is drawn’, or…. Like attracts like…. we have trouble getting out of our ‘thoughts’ and into our vibration.

The problem here is that many people watching or reading The Secret learn that the Creative Process consists of three steps. Yep… just three!

Step 1: ASK

Step 2: ALLOW (The book actually says BELIEVE but I think that’s where it misses)


It will come as no surprise that the feedback shows the challenging step to be step 2.

One of the reasons I think The Secret misses by using the word ‘believe’ is because we humans are good at lying to ourselves. We’re good at it in part because we can ‘think’ we truly ‘believe’ something that we’re NOT vibrationally aligned with and we haven’t cultivated an understanding of the distinction between our ‘thoughts’ and our ‘vibration’… and that’s KEY!

Universal Laws apply at the level of vibration so if we fail at ‘minding our vibration’, knowledge of the Law doesn’t give us much freedom to create the life of our dreams. Instead, we create by default… unaware that our thoughts may… or may not be matching our vibrational output. And ALLOWING in all of the experiences we ask for requires us to be a vibrational match to what we’re ASKING for… always!

So here’s a little tip:

The quicker you realize that… the quicker you become a Deliberate Creator.

The good news is that we can practice becoming the master of our vibration. It just takes a commitment to practice on a regular basis.

You might start by experimenting a bit in order to become aware of the distinctions between thoughts and vibrations. Take a moment and focus on something you’re likely to feel neutral about.

For instance… looking out my window right now, my eyes land on the garage roof. I notice the color of the shingles, the size of the roof and the fact that there are no gutters comes to mind. But frankly, this stirs no feelings within. Take a moment and think of a roof.

How do you feel? Fairly neutral? If so, you’re vibrational output regarding ‘roof’ is not very strong.

Now, shift your thoughts for a few minutes to something likely to stir up some strong feelings. How about imaging the fact that you just won $1 Million in the lottery! Really… dig in and imagine yourself hearing the numbers called and looking down at your ticket to discover all the numbers match…

How do you feel?

Really… use your imagination, hold the thought, then thoroughly explore how you’re FEELING.

What are you feeling emotionally…

What are you feeling physically…

NOW… as the awareness of the feeling is flooding through you how are your thoughts shifting? Are they expanding and moving in different directions?

You have just used a thought to trigger a FEELING… and what you’re FEELING is your vibrational output. The intensity you FEEL it dictates the intensity of your vibrational output in the moment.

Be aware that though the feeling may have come quickly on the heels of the thought… they are NOT one and the same. So practice just making this simple distinction for the next couple of days and then we’ll talk about the power you can reign in by deciding FIRST how you’re going to FEEL and letting that trigger your thoughts, instead of the reverse. Because that is the first real step to living Happily Ever After!

Have Fun,

–Mary K

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