Whoops! Dropped the vibrational ball!

OMG… I just got a GREAT ‘hit’…

It’s cool for me because I’ve never caught this before and I’m so excited
I had to stop what I was doing and share this with you right now. (locking it in 😉 )

What happened was that yesterday, I was looking, with appreciation, at the contrast to my desires… and flipping things 180 degrees to get the clarity about what I DO want… as I did this I was inspired with ideas of action I could take…

and I so immediately felt better, feeling excitement and enthusiasm and relief, that I started really basking in this good feeling. But didn’t immediately take action on these inspired thoughts.

So…. as I woke up today, I started thinking about the action I was going to take… and I noticed….

I wasn’t feeling quite as ‘joyful’ about it all as I was last night… and my ‘thoughts’ started going in the direction of TALKING ME OUT OF TAKING ACTION!

And… BINGO!!!

It dawned on me… I get to the point of feeling relief… I even get an inspiration to take action that moves me in the direction of more relief or sustaining the relief…

and I stop to bask in the feeling until the feeling fades!!! THAT’S where I drop the ball!

So I rarely follow through on my prompting and naturally keep creating the same day over and over because my inner ‘thermostat’ is stuck on the merry-go-round of

feel the contrast… seek relief… bask in relief…. whoops… feel the contrast… seek relief… etc.

Gotta go… I’m prompted to take action! LOL

love ya,

–Mary K

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-:¦:- ((¸¸.·´* Light