Worldview Transforming Continues…

For those of you just joining the conversation today, you may want to go visit my post from Wednesday, Transforming Your Worldview, first. We’re going to take if from there –

What is it that we really believe and why do we believe it?

Does what we believe determine our experiences of what we call reality?
Is it possible that we can change our beliefs and as a result change the
way we experience reality, and if so will this translate into a new
worldview? Will changing the way we experience our world actually change our world?

How can it not?

We believe the world and the universe works the way we have been taught to believe it works, and yet our experiments in quantum mechanics and our experiences with the quantum movement problem seem to suggest the falsity, i.e. the ‘wrongness’, of our previously held beliefs, and yet we cling to those beliefs rather than ask ourselves important questions like;

what if everything I think I know is wrong? Continue reading

Transforming Your Worldview

As I’m writing this it’s 10-10-2012 — a day filled with a great influx of energy. A harbinger of some major, worldwide changes right on our horizon. Are you ready for dramatic change? Change that is likely to force a shift in your worldview?

When we talk of worldview transformation what does that really mean? How does anyone go about accomplishing that? Of course,transforming our worldview means changing the way we view, not only the world, but ourselves and everyone and everything in our world.

If we change the way we view everything in existence, then we must change our beliefs and the way we interact with everything in our version of reality. Continue reading

Coming Bank Holiday – Are You Ready?

Ahhh… what are we up to now? The world seems to be a mess and while I feel people have been fed up for quite awhile… it’s only recently that we are seeing signs of people taking action that’s in alignment with making major changes in their lives… on a grander scale than ever before.

It’s time we dig for the truth… and from the truth, take appropriate action. If you’re aware that the U.S. ‘Powers That Be’ are trying to stir up support to attack Iran — yet you, like me, feel something hinky about all of this, then you just might be interested to hear what Jelaila Starr has to say about the upcoming ‘Bank Holiday’ that we have coming in the near future.

A transcript of this message can be found over at Jelaila’s site here: Coming Bank Holiday: What You Need to Know

I’d love to hear your thoughts… feel free to share in the comments section below!

Meanwhile… play well together… and Have Fun!

Preparing for Success

preparing for success Your success is essentially a done deal… but are you lined up to meet it?

If you have a preschooler in preschool you probably know there is a learning activity called “sequencing”. It’s an expansion of the exercise of teaching children patterns… you know what I’m talking about as there is often a variation on this theme in math puzzles and IQ tests asking you to look at a certain pattern and predict what comes next. Sequencing activities often involve a stack of cards with images on them. The images, laid out in order, reveal a story. Put the cards in the ‘wrong’ sequence and you end up with a silly, or nonsensical, story. Continue reading

Making Peace with Yourself

A friend just shared this wonderful bit of self awareness — “My weight keeps dropping because I am at peace with myself and with food”

I could really resonate. I found the same to be true for me. I yo-yo’d with weight a great deal during my high school and college years. A steady stream of gains and losses. It became a game that left me constantly preoccupied with food… and exhausted.

When I started making peace with myself things shifted. Weight dropped… and stayed off. Food became something I enjoyed again… guilt free! :)

I attribute a lot of it to the influence of Don Miguel Ruiz and his suggestion to make… and keep… these four agreements with myself. Continue reading

Making Choices – Easy? Or Paralyzing?

Choice is a rich part of life. And whether we believe it or not we have and make thousands of choices each and every day. Yet have you ever felt overwhelmed by choices?

I know I have. But it’s really not because of too many choices. I’d say it’s because we have some work to do in connecting with our values and beliefs. We can deepen our connection and find decisions come easier by considering six factors in particular. Continue reading

Aligning the Clown Chakra

aligning the clown chakra Today I want to share with you some wonderful news from Tom Marasso – a wise and witty guy who seems to be as committed as I am to helping us all remember to release all resistance to this wonderful journey called LIFE! Hope you find this news as thrilling as I do. Enjoy! :)


Opening The Clown Chakra

Recently, scientists have found that all our problems can be placed under one heading: Seriousness.. Seriousness is the leading cause of disharmony. Continue reading

Questioning Your Pursuit of Happiness

Questioning Your Pursuit of HappinessToday we have a guest post from Darnell George, who invites you to take some time today to reflect on the choices you’re currently making to see how well they line up with your current version of your grandest vision of a truly happy life. Check it out:

Questioning Your Pursuit of Happiness

That carefree feeling of being a kid, running around and exploring the giant playground of life was unlike any other feeling in the world. Not knowing what certain things meant or what would end up around the corner was thrilling. It instilled a thirst for adventure and inspired a quest for knowledge in our youthful minds and hearts. Running home from the bus stop to play with our friends, discover the latest video games or check up on that ladybug we captured the night before were good times. Maybe these were good times because we were living in the moment, and we felt that anything was possible. Continue reading

Coming to Light

Today is the 11th Anniversary (September 11, 2012) of the passing of a group of souls who agreed to leave, en masse, as an aid in awaking the people of Planet Earth. Did it work? Some would say, “Hardly.” I beg to differ. There are changes afoot… BIG CHANGES! And though the dawning has seemed slow, those souls who gave their (physical) lives on September 11, 2001 are to be honored as the harbingers of a new world. A lighter, more love-filled world that is slowly, yet surely, arriving. Thank You!

This seems the perfect time to share a very recent channeling by Matthew Ward, through his Earth mother, Suzanne Ward — I would love to hear your thoughts. Continue reading

When you see things differently…

I trust you’ve noticed by now that you constantly have a mental dialogue going on inside you head. I’ve always thought of this as my very own 24/7 ongoing cartoon. At least on my ‘good’ days I hold it that way. Because you see, it’s always so melodramatic!

But I confess… there are those days I fall into the trap of engaging with it as.. if… Continue reading